Meet the Owner- Darlene Williams 

 I am a woman committed to fitness, beauty, health and wellness. Due to a knee injury in 2006, I underwent four knee surgeries. During my recovery period she gained a considerable amount of weight and lost muscle mass in my right leg. This inspired me while in rehab, to motivate others on the importance of being fit and healthy. Therefore, in 2009, I decided that it was time to pursue my dreams of helping others become healthy, physically fit, and beautiful. I opened up a gym in Macon, GA. In less than a year, she acquired over 100 members. As my business began to grow and prosper, I realized that something was missing. The beauty aspect of health and fitness was not there.

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In late 2013, I opened the LaCellusleek Studio in Macon, Georgia. The company is one of three in the state of Georgia with a certified Cellusleek machine. The CelluSleek System is unique because of the applicators specially designed to combine gentle suction with three rotating balls, creating a radial skinfold. The rolling suction action unblocks the blood and oxygen flow in the suffocated cellulitic tissues and thus increases the circulation. The connective tissues are stretched, allowing the skin to return from the puckered look of cellulite to its normal smooth appearance. The drainage of stagnant waste products via the lymphatic system and fine blood capillaries is also accelerated, resulting in a beautiful, toned skin. Impairment in the blood and lymph circulation results in changes of the cutaneous and subcutaneous structures caused mainly by the accumulation of the metabolic waste products. The proliferation of the connective tissue gives the skin the dimpled “orange peel” look, known as cellulite.” (LaCellusleek Studio).

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I am a member of the National Academy of Sports and Medicine, a Certified Personal Fitness Coach, a Certified CelluSleek Technician, First Aid, CPR, and AED Certified, a

graduate from Walden University with a B.S. degree  in Health and Wellness. I also recently launched the “Macon Sleek Riders,” a bike club that cycles throughout the Middle Georgia area a few times a week. I have a deep passion for health, wellness and beauty and I am committed to helping others achieve their personal goals.